UNIDENCE is a unique Shared-Community Living Space that is committed to bringing people from all over the world together, and create a true multicultural experience. Located in major locations around Seoul, especially around universities, most of our residents are international students from various backgrounds. In order to facilitate diverse needs, UNIDENCE team is dedicated to making your stay in Seoul, Korea as comfortable & enjoyable as possible. Staff are always on standby to help you through problems you may encounter in a foreign setting.


First priority of UNIDENCE is your comfort. We strive to accommodate your needs as much as possible.


UNIDENCE team is always ready to help you through all kinds of problems that you may encounter every step of the way.


Located in key areas of Seoul, UNIDENCE is accessible to all corners of the city via public transport. Built-in wireless network in all branches will keep you connected at all times.


UNIDENCE  takes pride in harmonious community building. Mutual respect for other nationalities, cultures, and religions underline our business.